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The Swag Bags’ goal is to supply your order with complete accuracy. Please review the specifications to be sure they meet your requirements.


PLACING ORDERS:  All orders are considered firm and final at the time of placement. Any additions or changes will be entered as a new order or addition and an updated order acknowledgement will be issued. We require a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate to be on file or considered for exempt status prior to shipment of your first order. 


PURCHASE ORDER REQUIREMENTS: In order to prevent production delays please be sure to include all of the details listed here (not mandatory).

1) Accurate product description and quantity

2) List all Product Colors even if on your art

3) Pricing and Sample Charges

4) Advise the method of all art & specs

5) Accurate Ship to address with Telephone number, Contact name, Address, email

6) Method of payment credit card, check, cash, PayPal


ARTWORK: Submit vector art and clear, concise instructions. Art that is not vector art may require additional charges and delay production. Artwork charges are $75.00 per hour. Exact duplication of logos and type styles cannot be guaranteed unless vector art, to size specifications is submitted. Unless otherwise requested, The Swag Bag will size art to best fit the area. Artwork submitted via e-mail must meet the following specifications: files should be in vector format, a PDF from Adobe Illustrator (.ai), if any images are used, they should be no less than 300 dpi, convert all fonts to paths. Send artwork (as attachments) to with your PO number in subject line.


PRODUCTION TIME: Production time begins after order is acknowledged by customer on all order acknowledgements. For all branded, logoed or imprinted orders production time begins after all art is submitted and approved or after proof approval or acknowledgement is received. Production time varies per product ordered. Production time does not start the day the order is received. Seller is not responsible for non-fulfillment due to but not limited to: Weather, Strikes, Fire, and inability to obtain raw materials, Customs clearance delay or other causes beyond our control. Seller is not liable for consequential or special damages due to any delay, even if seller was previously advised of the possibility of such damage.


OVER/UNDER RUNS: All orders are subject to 5% over/under run. Billed accordingly.


PRICES: All Prices are firm and are subject to change without notice.


CHANGES: Once approved artwork has been submitted and prepared, any design change or cancellation will result in the billing of any costs incurred.


CANCELLATIONS: All orders are considered firm and cannot be canceled except upon written permission and accepted.


Cancellation cannot be made once order has gone into production. We can make changes to your order before order is placed into production. Any change to the order once in production will be billed for any work done, plus any additional work required by the change. Changes in quantity must be made before order goes into production. If a change in quantity is made after the completion of any portion of production, the change will be treated as a separate order and billed accordingly. Any change made after the start of production will delay shipping. If a cancellation is necessary and approved by The Swag Bag, all costs associated with work performed to date of cancellation will be invoiced, minimum of $60.00 cancellation fee. Cancellation must be in writing and acknowledged by The Swag Bag.




Shipping or address changes must be made 72 hrs in advance of Ship date. A $25.00 charge will apply.


ACCEPTANCE LEVELS: Some products may including custom manufactured, slight variances in the size of the finished product may occur. PANTONE colors, because glass, plastic, metal, yarns are not available in PMS colors, exact PMS matches cannot be guaranteed. Every effort is made to come as close as possible. Reorders may also vary slightly in color. These variances are considered commercially acceptable.


SHIPPING AND DELIVERY: We will ship your order and prepay the freight, and add the freight charges to your invoice. We can also ship your order using your UPS or FedEx account number. The Swag Bag is not responsible for freight carrier delays or losses. We also are not responsible for and customs taxes, duties, port fees or other, in excess of what we estimated in your quote. We are not responsible for delivery delays to customs holds and inspections or vessel delays due to conditions beyond our control.


TERMS:  The Swag Bag requires full payment for all first time orders. Returning or new orders from existing customers are full payment upon receipt. Other payment options may be available, please call our office to inquire about setting up terms with our company. (920)385-0075. Open terms are granted only after a fully completed credit application has been submitted and approved by our credit department. This may take several days to process. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, and PayPal. Credit Card orders may be subject to a cash discount loss of 3%. Contact your customer service representative for more information.


RETURNED CHECKS: A $45.00 fee will be charged for all returned checks regardless of reason.


If you have any questions regarding our payment terms, please contact us at


CLAIMS AND RETURNS: All orders are delivered in good condition after inspection and are inspected before shipping. All shipments should be thoroughly checked upon receipt. If there is a problem or discrepancy with an order, please send us your company name and invoice number along with a full description of the problem (pictures when possible) to within 5 workdays of receipt of your order. Only authorized returns will be accepted. No Credit or remake will be issued if product is not available for return. The Swag Bag liability shall not exceed the value of the goods. Claims for damaged or lost product, or concealed damage shall be filed by you with the delivering carrier. Leave the shipment intact and immediately file your claim.


COPYRIGHT/TRADEMARK LAWS: The Swag Bag assumes when artwork is submitted for reproduction in producing an order that the artwork was submitted in full compliance with the laws governing copyright, trademark, etc. Purchasers, by placing these orders, agree to hold The Swag Bag not liable for any damages and/or costs arising under these laws as a consequence of our use of said artwork. You will be held liable for any legal fees and time incurred by The Swag Bag.


SAMPLES: The Swag Bag offers several different sample options. If the specific color or style is not available, substitutions will be made. Samples normally ship within one to two business days of your request. Customer must supply shipper number for delivery.


FORCE MAJEURE: The Swag Bag is not liable for non-fulfillment due to strikes, fires, weather, customs delays, inability to obtain raw materials, or other causes beyond our control. The Swag Bag is not liable for consequential or special damages due to any delay.


Thank you for letting us serve you.


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